Damned if you do…

I’ve been waiting for a call or an e-mail about a manuscript that is currently with an editor at “a big publishing house.” How that all happened is a bizarre story that I will tell once I find out the status of the book, but for now, I’m playing this sick mind-game with myself.

Should I call? Should I e-mail? Am I bothering them?

I’ve been told by the editor that publishing is a long, slow, process. And I keep telling myself that I need to be patient during this long, slow, process. But it is rather difficult, especially when I don’t know all the ins and outs of publishing.

So this constant debate of, “When do I follow-up? Should I follow-up?” is driving me crazy. Its like every move I make might affect my future in some way.

But then I had this interesting conversation about Christian Bale.

Now, truth is, any conversation about Christian Bale is usually a good one. I mean, it’s Christian Bale!

But this was about how he went to visit injured moviegoers in Aurora last week.

I reposted a picture of him with hospital staff:

and instantly the debates on Facebook started.

“That’s so nice of him!”

“Clearly it was all for publicity.”

“What a guy.”

“What a sell-out.”

Debating the issue was futile because the bottom line was that he was screwed either way. If he didn’t go and visit the hospital or visit the make-shift memorial, then he was a complete prick. But if he did go, well, then he was only doing it for selfish promotion and was still a prick.

So what’s the point? Why bother arguing?  Because I have a soft spot for Christian Bale, I did jump into the fray and swore on all that was holy that the guy was a righteous dude and everyone should just back off.

And the whole thing blew over.

And I thought, that really must suck to be in that kind of situation where even if you are doing something right, many people will assume the worst. It’s a sad statement on the cynicism that is so much a part of popular culture.

Of course, I’m not saving lives or doing anything noble here, but the whole Christian Bale thing got me thinking about my original problem with the publishing company. I figure, I’m screwed either way. If I don’t send off a carefully worded letter asking for an update, then I’ll just be roaming around, glassy-eyed, in non-publishing limbo. If I do send the letter, I might annoy the editor, but then again, at this point, I’m not sure that would affect the outcome of getting published there or not.

Bottom lined, since no option is really good, I might as well choose the one that will at least put me somewhere ahead. Or rather, pick the option that seems right to me.

And Christian Bale? In the face of being damned both ways, he chose the best course. I don’t care what anyone says.

Which is why I am sending the e-mail.

And maybe I’ll have some good news to report.

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  1. Good luck!. I know first hand how annoying and nerve-wracking the waiting game is. After many rejections and months spent on the edge of hope, I did finally land an offer. I’ve moved from one waiting game to the next. Now it’s waiting for the date of my release.

    Hang in there!

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