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  • Two Years

    Facebook just shared some memories with me today. Not that I needed Facebook to tell me where I was two years ago and what my friends were tagging me in on their status updates that day.

  • Illness and the English Language – A Guest Post

    We alone know that “grueling” reaches a whole new level when it is associated with a ten-hour surgery to extract a brain tumor, and that “waiting,” a word usually associated with boredom, is in fact the most painful word in the English language.

  • “I got 100 likes for my brisket!”

    You’ve been posting each one of these milestones at the same rate as runners post their Runtastic stats. You’ve filled my newsfeed with recipes involving Passover ingredients only available in Guam. And seriously? You need to stop.

  • Life in Color

    This tumor with all its power to put him into a world of darkness – a world of black and white – cannot kill the colors in his soul. It cannot touch what Coby can still share with the world.

  • I Have a Meniscus! (And Other Things I Learned After Running in a Marathon)

    So here goes. My list of things I learned running in a marathon (or half-marathon).

  • Running With Team Lifeline – The Speech

    I’ve received a lot of requests for a copy of my speech that I gave at the Team Lifeline Pasta Party the night before the Miami Marathon. Rather than send it out in emails, I’m reprinting here.  As a writer… Read More ›