The Roller Coaster Moment

That was the moment, the moment when the roller coaster in his world started going up again, the moment that my 10 year old understood the personal power he had inside. He wasn’t passive, he was strong. He was confident. He could ride any coaster, figurative or literal, and come out triumphant.

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  • Tears of Joy, Tears of Pain


    I know I am not unique in this. I remember seeing adults crying at weddings and telling myself that I will never be like that, and now, here I am falling apart over smiling pictures of my kids at camp and hiding in my closet so none of my other kids will see.

  • #MoreThanAHashtag

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    Actively take part in the greatest kickstarter ever that’s been running for years behind the scenes of every hashtag, meme, and status update but has somehow fallen behind the far easier “click and share” culture of publicly feeling good.

  • Nature of the Beast


    The ER is filled with “neglectful” parents whose children have fallen in the playground and need stitches, or have swallowed too much bubble gum flavored Motrin that their kids suddenly discovered they could open.

  • Auschwitz 2016


    Even though I had seen that set up so many times, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional punch of seeing my own kid in that place. Walking on train tracks that led millions to their deaths. Walking through rooms that might have been the last places of my family.

  • Rome in 5 Hours (or “Touring for the ADD Set”)


    This post first appeared on The Huffington Post in February, 2016. Become a fan and follow me there! One of the joys of flying economy and finding cheap flights is the often overlooked but never wasted “layover.” I recently took… Read More ›

  • In J.J. Abrams We Trust


    This article original appeared on The Huffington Post in January. I’m reposting it here, back on the original blog. Become a fan and follow me over on HuffPost! So it’s been a week since Star Wars: The Force Awakens blew up… Read More ›


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