Dueling with God

We meet daily for an Old West style shootout. Sometimes at 1:00AM, sometimes at 5:00AM, sometimes mid-day. Just me and Him. No red strings or lucky eye charms. The God I meet is not a Cracker Jack kind of being. No superstitions or silly wand waving. It is just us.

Recent Posts

  • It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

    Originally posted on Writing Elves:
    My second oldest child left home last week, hopping on a plane to spend a gap year in Israel before she starts college. The year before, I sent my oldest daughter off on pretty much…

  • Happiness and Stingrays

    Everyone loves looking at the underside of the stingrays. They have those goofy grins. They look like they’re gently smiling at the world, happily floating along the water. But they always look like that. Their faces are frozen in place like Wybie in Coraline. They look like that all the time. After all, the stingray that killed Steve Irwin was also smiling.

  • The Strength to Celebrate

    Sometimes you need a lot of strength just to have a celebration. I’m not just talking about the strength to label 250 seating cards and design shirts and shlep boxes. I’m talking about the strength to decide to celebrate even when you sometimes don’t want to.

  • On Parties and CT Scans

    I glanced at my phone and watched as the date changed from May 6th to May 7th and realized, it’s four years later and I am in a hospital, waiting again.

  • Wasn’t Expecting This

    I went back and forth between absolute calm to abject panic to crushing depression and then back to the warm blanket of denial.

  • You’re Not Going to Find Anyone With the Hiccups in This Place

    It took me over twenty years before I tried out Halloween Horror Nights and I left wondering why I waited that long.