Tony Bennett Saved My Life – A Guest Post

Music has the power to transform lives. But in this case, it saved a life. Here’s a guest post by Avi Ciment. You can check out Avi at or all over YouTube. Anyway, here’s his amazing story.


Yesterday morning, Tony Bennett saved my life. Really. And he doesn’t even know it.

After my morning commute, I parked my car along the street, as I normally do, and was about to get out of the car to go to work. Only this time, after putting the gear in park, I stopped for just a  moment to listen to a 1977 live version of Tony Bennett singing, I left My Heart in San Francisco. I’d heard the original before, but this was a newer, lighter arrangement. I hadn’t heard it and thought that perhaps I could add it to my own act. I reached over to adjust the volume when there was a loud crash and I was shoved into the seat divider.

I looked up and there was a young kid, around 18 years old, sitting behind the wheel of his car, looking as perplexed as I must have. He had taken a turn going 30 mph and lost control of his car, smashing, and destroying my driver’s side door. Though shaken, and a bit sore, I was alive. We exchanged insurance information and I didn’t really think much about it.

Later that night, though, lying in bed, I thought about the day’s events: the police reports, trying to rent  a car during the busiest week in South Florida, insurance headaches, more police reports, back pain. I found myself starting to go down that “woe is me” route.

But then I stopped myself.

I slowly realized that as bad as the day was, there was something else going on.

I never sit in my car when I get to work. I park the car and get out quickly. Had I not paused for those 30 seconds to listen to the Tony Bennet song, I would have been standing outside my car, closing the door, when that car would have come careening into me.

In short, I would not be here to write this.

It was a sobering thought. At that moment, all the headaches of the day disappeared. I realized how many of us interpret a situation as bad, when in fact, the opposite might be the case. It all depends on how you look at it. It was a stressful day, true, but at that moment I chose to see it for what it was: a miracle.

Tony Bennett saved my life. As a singer, I couldn’t ask for a better miracle.

Thanks, Tony.

Avi in the Studio

Avi in the Studio

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  1. You ROCK Avi. And I MEAN that!

  2. Avi, you’re awesome. “…and ah mean thaht!”
    Thank God you’re okay. What a scare, but what a powerful message. Thank you.

  3. I’ll pass on the message to him!

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