A Quick Monosyllabic Post

By the way, this is not that hard, but does take some time. Here goes:

To write well, one needs to pay close watch on word choice.You can’t just rely on the press of a few keys that can bring up new and fun words – to change your piece from a run of the mill work to a grand show – it takes thought. It takes care. And then, out of the blue, you can find that small words work as well as the large. Here is a piece that I wrote where I used that thought. The key here is to think small. Words with just one beat are used. Try this at home and see what you come up with!

Out in space, the sky stays dark. You think the stars will shine and light up your way, but it is all black. Not a spot or a spark or a bright spot. Those small pale dots that hang from high up are gone as you get close to their source. You reach out to get them, and they fall. The sun, that great ball of fire that keeps the world warm and lights a whole globe, is just a sphere that hangs in the night. It is, I guess, an old thought – that light and warmth, and hope are just specks that one must seek out to shed light on a dark life.

Leave your comments below using only one-syllable words!

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