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  • On Parties and CT Scans

    I glanced at my phone and watched as the date changed from May 6th to May 7th and realized, it’s four years later and I am in a hospital, waiting again.

  • Wasn’t Expecting This

    I went back and forth between absolute calm to abject panic to crushing depression and then back to the warm blanket of denial.

  • You’re Not Going to Find Anyone With the Hiccups in This Place

    It took me over twenty years before I tried out Halloween Horror Nights and I left wondering why I waited that long.

  • We’re All Mad Here

    We gather together at an ungodly hour to reenact the original 26.2 miles run by Pheidippides which, fun fact, he wound up dropping dead from.

  • There are No Lessons Here

    I lost patience for the inane conversations I used to be a part of and I’m way more judgmental of people who can’t handle the simplest situations. I wouldn’t call those lessons as much as I’d call them side effects.

  • The Myth of Sisyphus and Why I Run (or, The Vegas Speech)

    I finally understood the myth of Sisyphus when my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago. And like the legend, we were faced with a huge mountain, a massive, incomprehensible rock, and a job that no one would ever sign up for.

  • Old…er

    It’s my birthday. The anniversary of when I showed up in this world and a nice reminder that I’m still here. Also a nice reminder that I’m older and that much closer to not being here.

  • Lessons from a Hero

    Dr. Bhatia was a masterful, talented surgeon, a man who understood that removing a little boy’s splinter was just as important as removing the tumor that was in his brain.

  • Two Years

    Originally posted on Writing Elves:
    Facebook just shared some memories with me today. Not that I needed Facebook to tell me where I was two years ago and what my friends were tagging me in on their status updates that…

  • Now that it’s over, can SOMEONE explain Curling?!?!?

    Originally posted on Writing Elves:
    It’s hard not to get into the pageantry and excitement of the Winter Olympics. The triumphs! The devastating losses! The tears! The drama! I loved watching it. And then there was Curling. I genuinely feel…