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  • Purging

    So my son took out some matches the other day and I grabbed them away, admonishing him to NEVER play with matches. He shrugged his shoulders and said okay, but then looked over at his older brother who said, “Right…. Read More ›

  • iPods, iPads, iMacs, and iPhones

    As I was tucking in my 10 year old daughter tonight, she dropped the bomb. “Everyone in my class has an iPod but me.” I’m sure it’s true. In fact, I was surprised she wasn’t asking me for a cell… Read More ›

  • Waverunners

    This is a pretty cool story. I recently took a trip to the Florida Keys with my kids. Living in Florida usually lends itself to a lot of water sport activities, but ironically, we don’t get to the beach as… Read More ›

  • Flash Fiction

    We interrupt our normally scheduled blog post to bring you the following Flash Fiction (sponsored by LitStack). Hope you enjoy. He left me the car. Of course he left it to me. It was the final slap, the ultimate insult. … Read More ›

  • Back to School

    My kids are all starting school tomorrow and I again attacked Staples and Office Depot like an extreme-couponer on acid. Interestingly, I had written about what that was like last year and sadly, it has not changed a bit. To those… Read More ›

  • Travelling Abroad

    I just came back from a week out of the country. Travelling is certainly a process. The packing and worries that precede the trip, the organizing of documents and transportation in the country. Contacting friends and family and arranging lodging…. Read More ›

  • Damned if you do…

    I’ve been waiting for a call or an e-mail about a manuscript that is currently with an editor at “a big publishing house.” How that all happened is a bizarre story that I will tell once I find out the status… Read More ›

  • Colorado On My Mind

    I’ve had Colorado on my mind and not in a John Denver kind of way. The horrible events of this past weekend have filled the papers and the internet with stories of survival, tragedy, and tremendous pain.  I read each one… Read More ›

  • A Dear John Letter

    Want to know how a book can affect someone? Here’s my letter to John Green after his book, The Fault in our Stars created havoc in the school where I teach. For the record, he did respond to me and… Read More ›

  • Bejeweled and Other Distractions

    I think most writers are procastinators. I mean, more than likely there are some people that can work without a deadline, finish articles and manuscripts without downing tankloads of caffeeine, but for the most part, in my experience, writers can… Read More ›