It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

I just sent my son off for the year and this piece that I wrote three years ago is really resonating today. So I’m reposting it for myself and for anyone else sending their kids off to college, to foreign countries, or to anywhere that takes them out of the nest.

Writing Elves

My second oldest child left home last week, hopping on a plane to spend a gap year in Israel before she starts college. The year before, I sent my oldest daughter off on pretty much the same trip so you’d think I would know what I was doing.  I followed the same pattern and the same schedule. Shopping. Trips to Target. Electronics stores. Unlocking cell phones and organizing passports and credit cards. We went through the same pre-flight panic when we realized one of the bags was too heavy and one might not fit the standard carry-on criteria.

And we said our goodbyes.


You’d think that having done this before I would find it easier, much like watching my children graduate Kindergarten. The first time was beautiful and sentimental. The fifth time we arrived late and didn’t stick around for the cake at the after-party. But instead, leaving my daughter at…

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