Now that it’s over, can SOMEONE explain Curling?!?!?

Now that we are back at the Winter Olympics, I figured I’d repost my thoughts on that unsung ice sport, everybody’s favorite: Curling. Hope you enjoy it again.

Writing Elves

It’s hard not to get into the pageantry and excitement of the Winter Olympics. The triumphs! The devastating losses! The tears! The drama! I loved watching it.

And then there was Curling.


I genuinely feel bad for the Curling team. I don’t think there is a more misunderstood and maligned sport at the games. I researched the sport for an exhaustive 10 minutes just to prepare for this article and I still don’t get it. It was like reading the instructions to Settlers of Catan. No one really reads them – you just get someone to teach you. Problem is, there is no one that can teach me anything about curling except the people that actually play it. And apparently, every single person who plays the game is currently in Sochi.

So I admit, I’m a bit ignorant.

I don’t know all the rules of Bobsledding, or Luge, or…

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  1. If you had grown up in Wisconsin , you would not have had to ask …

    Deena S Borzak 561-714-8173


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