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Happy birthday, Stephen King!

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It’s Stephen King’s birthday this week. Saturday, to be exact.

I’ve been a Stephen King fan for quite some time now. I picked up Pet Semetary when I was in ninth grade. At the time, everyone was passing around VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic series. And while incestuous sibling relationships and psychotic grandmothers were interesting, I found that my angst-filled teenage youth craved something much darker.

Enter Stephen King.

Pet Semetary was the only book that actually physically scared me. I was reading it on a Friday night. The main character was breaking into a cemetery to exhume his dead son’s grave. I was in bed, under my covers, my nose inches from the pages. And then, he finally opens his son’s coffin, looks in to see his poor dead son, and there’s this line:

“His head was gone.”

I threw the book across the room. Something about that…

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