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  • Healing


    This is my article that appeared on Huffington Post last week. I’m reposting it here. If you are looking to give charity this holiday season, I highly recommend making a donation to Chai Lifeline or Ohr Meir, two remarkable organizations that transform… Read More ›

  • The Power of a Cape


    The night before the procedure, I didn’t sleep. I googled my symptoms and like any decent Dr. Google consultation, confirmed the worst. At 3:30AM, though, annoyed with sitting around, I went into my closet and packed up my bag for the next day. A book. My phone charger. Socks. And then, right there, sitting on a shelf as if it somehow knew, was my long, lost cape.

  • Killing Aslan


    Like most of the world, I was horrified to read about the death of Cecil the Lion. Pictures of this magnificent animal filled my newsfeed amid status updates decrying the hunter, a dentist from Minnesota named Walter Palmer. After shooting… Read More ›

  • The Harry Potter Post

    It was a happy day when my kids decided to love Harry Potter.

    Originally posted on Writing Elves:
    Seven years ago today, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released to millions of waiting fans. I was one of them. A few years later, when the last Harry Potter film was released, I…

  • Independence Day!


    Why do cable stations constantly show this film again, and again? And why can’t we stop watching?

  • In These Quiet Hours


    It’s a summer morning and the house is quiet. My kids are still asleep and with no school or camp for today, they could very well sleep until noon. I sip my coffee and read the newspaper. Turn on my… Read More ›


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