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  • That One Book


    There are two kinds of readers. The first is that precocious kid who was reading before pre-k. The kid whose parents didn’t know what to do because he had already read every book on the (enter grade level) curriculum and… Read More ›

  • For My Daughter, On Her 18th Birthday


    By: Her Mom (Which in no way makes this biased, one sided, or otherwise subjective, and should in no way slight any of my other kids who will turn 18 one day too. Now you all have something to look… Read More ›

  • Side Effects


    In the game of cancer defense, the key word is side effects. It was always there in the background, but now that the offensive season is over and the battle is more passive, everything seems to be a side effect…. Read More ›

  • Lessons from Stephen


    Originally posted on Writing Elves:
    It’s Stephen King’s birthday this week. Saturday, to be exact. I’ve been a Stephen King fan for quite some time now. I picked up Pet Semetary when I was in ninth grade. At the time, everyone was…

  • The Cancer Movie


    In the movie in my mind, I am the valiant card-carrying cancer warrior, a runner of marathons and wearer of pink. I carry a shield emblazoned with “I SURVIVED!” in huge letters as I cartwheel into oncology offices and sprinkle… Read More ›

  • O Captain! My Captain!


    Robin Williams turned me into a teacher. Turned me onto poetry. Made me want to believe in the power of words and music. Granted, he didn’t write the screenplay for Dead Poets Society, but I doubt it could have been told… Read More ›


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