“Is it safe?”

I recently went to the dentist. For most normal people that’s roughly a twice a year event. For me, it’s a bit more involved. Intellectually, I know that going to the dentist is really not that big of a deal…. Read More ›

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  • Top Ten Things I Learned About Cruising


    I recently went on a cruise for a week. Seven days of family togetherness and unlimited frozen yogurt with no internet access or cell service. The experience¬†fluctuated between a dream come true and my worst nightmare. But though I am… Read More ›

  • Je Suis Pissed Off


    His hands were in the air and he was lying on the ground, injured. I’ve seen gruesome images out of Gaza and Israel this past summer. I’ve seen pictures of dead children in Syria. I’ve seen the videos of journalists… Read More ›

  • And What a Year It’s Been – Happy New Year!


    I didn’t post my Facebook “Year in Review.” My news feed was filled with everyone’s smiling photos and canned, “It’s been a great year!” captions, that it was hard to escape. I was constantly prompted to share my equally great… Read More ›

  • Doing Drugs

    Is this what I have become?

    So this past week, I became an old woman. I’m not talking about grey hair, or creaking bones, or any of that standard stuff. (Though, I’m getting those as well.) No, this kind of aging was the stereotypical old-woman-in-a-home kind… Read More ›

  • Shot on the Turnpike


    Here’s what happens when you get shot on Florida’s Turnpike. I was driving along, happily cruising at 70 MPH or so, listening to the radio. I was in the passing lane, trying to get past a trucker who was not… Read More ›

  • Breaking Up


    I just ended a long relationship. Sixteen years. We went through a lot together, but in the end, I had to end it. No one understands the complexity involved in ending a relationship. In this case, our problems went beyond… Read More ›


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